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Beautiful one-off Handmade Creations


A passion for creating unique pieces - even if the same colours are used in another piece or the same design used - no two pieces will ever look the same!  Experimenting with different colours, designs and patterns make the pieces beautiful, some of them totally unique but always a pleasure to the eye. I let the yarn and  fabric inspire me and only purchase yarn and fabric that I can already imagine in a piece. 

I am thoroughly enjoying my journey and hope that you will love the pieces as much as I have loved creating them.

A spade is not just a spade

Besides surface qualities, such as rough and smooth, dull and shiny, hard and soft, it also includes colour, and, as the dominating element, texture which is the result of the construction of weaves. Like any craft it may end in producing useful objects, or it may rise to the level of art

Anni Albers, 18937